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Thank you for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me and why I’ve put together this website.

I’m constantly trying to create efficiencies in my life in order to gain more time to do the things I really prefer and want to do in my life, when I want to do it and not necessarily because I have to do it at this very moment. This includes meal making.

I realized several years ago, after moving to the suburbs and commuting to the city, that leaving the house at 6:30am and coming home at 6:00pm, made dinnertime a challenge. How could I get tasty homemade meals on the table with ease and little effort? I’ve never been a fan of premade store bought meals, especially with all the unpronounceable ingredients. And going out to eat all the time is expensive and tends to be unhealthy. Overall eating out was not a good option for us.

I started researching freezer meals. However if I were to begin to cook this way, there were a few non-negotiable items for us. Besides making meals from scratch, with fresh, whole ingredients, another mandate for our family was that meals had to be flavourful. We also preferred meals to not be cooked and then frozen, otherwise dinner would seem more like leftovers. Once I did some digging around, I was amazed at how many recipes I could alter to fit our requirements and could be freezable.

After making a few recipes, I was hooked! I inventoried my frozen assets and started marking my pre made meals on my calendar – how easy! The hardest part was remembering to pull the meal out the night before to defrost it overnight in the fridge. An added bonus was that when I calculated the cost for meals, I was surprised to find out that it was cheaper than going to McDonalds! Not to mention so much more healthier!

Today, I have a small family and no longer commute to the city. Although, my life has changed, it doesn’t change how I prepare our meals. I find great comfort in having a freezer full of yummy readymade meals that I made from scratch! I hope you find this website resourceful and enjoy the recipes as much as my family has. I would be happy to assist you in your meal making journey – simple feel free to drop me a line.

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