How Does Freezer Cooking Work?

“Hey – what’s for dinner?” Is this a daily question that makes you cringe or want to curl up in a ball and cry? You peek in the fridge and there is nothing appetizing nor anything that actually goes together to make an appealing dinner.

Your typical answer may be a trip to the nearby grocery store or better yet, a fast food drive thru… yes, you know you should a little more organized to deal with the “5pm grizzlies”, but getting organized or planning a meal is a whole different story. You’re caught in this vicious circle and you can’t seem to get out of it. Unchaining yourself from the immediate stressful dinner time demands seems virtually impossible.

Stop the last minute grocery store runs, eat nutritious, homemade meals and eliminate unhealthy and costly fast food pickups!

But how?

The most popular way to make ahead meals is by freezer cooking. Freezer cooking works by first deciding that you want to fill your freezer with pre-assembled/pre-made meals.

Don’t be mistaken, freezer cooking doesn’t mean you cook up a whole bunch of meals and then reheat these “leftover” meals later on. In fact, freezer cooking, when done correctly preserves flavour, nutrition, quality, texture and taste.

The Freezer Cooking Process

Once you’ve determined that you want to stock up your freezer with yummy meals, and accept that you are able to meet the above needs of freezer cooking, then you are ready to start!

There are four parts to how to freezer cook and typically you can do each part on a different day.  However, you can certainly combine some parts to be done on the same day, such as the Shopping Day tasks can be done on the same day as the Assembly & Preparation Day

  1. Cooking Plan Day
  2. Grocery Shopping Day
  3. Preparation and Assembly Day
  4. Serving Day