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Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix

pumpkin pie spice blendI’ve come across recipes that from time to time call for pumpkin pie spice mix and never seem to find it in the stores. Well surprisingly, this spice mix is a combination of spices which I already have in my cupboard!

Super easy to make and a versatile spice mix to have on hand. It’s not just for pumpkin pie, but I like to spice up my pancakes a little with it, along with pumpkin puree for a vegetable boost in the morning. With a make ahead pancake mix and pumpkin pie mix, a healthy breakfast is quick to whip up in the morning. And my daughter gets veggies in her, without her even knowing it!


pumpkin pie spices


After blending all spices together, funnel the mix into a jar.  I’ve used an empty spice jar and relabeled it. To fill this spice jar to almost full, I quadrupled the recipe.

pumpkin pie spice mix

Other great uses for pumpkin pie spice mix are:

  • add it in muffin, breads, cookie and cake batters
  • mix it in oatmeal with a few raisins
  • sprinkle a little on top of specialty coffees, hot apple cider, sliced apples or applesauce
  • season vegetables such as yams, carrots or squash

How do you use pumpkin pie spice mix?