How To Make Ahead Meals & Freezer Cook

Okay, so now you are sold and truly appreciate the benefits of making ahead meals.  You are ready to go!

But where to start?

Here are a few pointers and step-by-step instructions on how to freezer cook.

Ways to Make Ahead Meals & Freezer Cook

First off, have a look at your calendar.  When do you have time to make ahead meals?

Do you have a block of time to prepare a bunch of meals, say dedicating a couple of hours to bulk cooking or perhaps an entire day, once a month?

Or will you slowly build up your freezer inventory by double or triple batching a few select freezer recipes?

Alternatively you may want to put together a few common ingredients to create meal kits. Or perhaps you may want to do a meal swap with a few like-minded friends.

Once you’ve figured out what method will suit your lifestyle, you are ready to start!

What You Need for Making Meals Ahead of Time

  • Desire and Motivation
  • Dedicated Time
  • A Plan
  • Assembly Space
  • A Freezer
  • Packaging and Containers

How to Freezer Cook in 4 Steps

The best way to do a freezer cooking session is to break it down into four steps and preferably do each step on four different days for a stress-free experience.  

Keep your calendar in mind to identify the time of when you are able to do each step.  It is super important to schedule the appropriate amount of time for each step.

  1. Cooking Plan Day
  2. Grocery Shopping Day
  3. Preparation and Assembly Day
  4. Serving Day