Food Preparation and Assembly Day

Once you have dedicated time to prepare and assemble your meals, you will want to protect this time as being “sacred”. This is undeniably your designated time to get your freezer cooking done.

If you have children, send them away to grandparents or a friend (and reciprocate back at a later time). Children can lead to distraction, loss of focus on the project and delay your freezer cooking session. This can lead you to feel frustrated and overwhelmed which in turn will cause you to abandon the whole make ahead meals idea completely as you won’t see the benefit of doing it upfront. You will need your entire focus to get your freezer cooking done efficiently.

Set out in your kitchen the following:

  • Recipes in the right scale (double, triple, etc….)
  • All ingredients needed, clustered in groupings for each recipes
  • Kitchen tools, such as: food processer, measuring cups, knives
  • Containers and food wrap that you will need for the finished products
  • Meal labels, that you created on the Cooking Plan Day

Follow your Preparation Work Plan, and be sure to make notes if you are finding better ways to do things as you go along.

Once you have finished each recipe, make note of how many meals you have for each recipe. You will need to enter this number in your Freezer Inventory List. When you have all your meals assembled and ready for the freezer, you are ready to enter the meals into your calendar to schedule. An easy way to do this, is to use Google Calendar, which is free!  View this video for step-by-step instructions on how to do this: