9 Make Ahead Meals Benefits

When you make ahead meals the benefits are plentiful! You probably thought it was a good idea, but may not realize exactly how worth while making meals ahead of time will serve you and your family well!

1. Increase Quality Family Meal Times

Make ahead meals improves family time

Having meals prepared ahead of time will save your sanity, and gives you more flexibility for those busy evenings filled with activities, so that you will have more time with your family.

No longer will you need to go to a drive-thru to grab fast food, which is more costly and typically not a healthy option.

2. Improves Nutrition

Your pre-made meals are ten times healthier than eating at most restaurants and healthier than pre-packaged meals from your grocers’ freezer. Fast food and many commercially available frozen meals are full of preservatives, sugar, sodium and fat. They aren’t very healthy for your family.

Restaurant food and fast foods are also laden with calories and are served in large portions, contributing to why so many people are overweight.

At home, you control the portions and ingredients that go into your meals, including using whole foods (not processed) and fresh ingredients giving you great tasting meals!

3. Make Ahead Meals Give You Financial Freedom

Buying in bulk cuts down on your grocery bills – saving more per pound on your meats. You won’t be running into the store at the last minute trying to find something to cook for dinner that night, you can save on gas bills and will be more eco-friendly in using less fuel.

4. Improves Time Management

By grouping your same efforts, you spend less time in the kitchen on a daily basis. Cook once, eat many times, wash fewer dishes. On preparation and assembly day, you do it on your schedule at your leisure, getting meals on the table on time.

Make ahead meals saves time

You use fresh ingredients to prepare meals using an assembly line approach, getting numerous meals which are ready to freeze and ready to eat at a later date. When you assemble your meals from home you have control over price and quality.

This website will help you with the organization of how to make ahead meals more efficiently, by showing you how to create shopping lists that will get you in and out of the grocery store in no time. You will also get labels and instructions on how to easily create a meal plan calendar for free.

On serving day (the day you eat your meal) you will take your pre-assembled meal, perhaps do a few quick assembly steps and then pop it in the oven, slow cooker or on the barbeque in a matter of a few minutes.

If you usually shop daily or cook a meal from scratch each day, the make ahead freezer meals approach will save you at least an hour or more a day.

5. Stress-Free Hospitality

Hosting expected or unexpected guests is made easier when you have your make ahead meals waiting to be devoured, in you freezer. Focus your attention on your company and not on food preparation and dishes!

6. Reduces Conflict in the Household

Does your house have the daily 5pm question “What’s for dinner?” start a big argument? Eliminate unnecessary conflict by having meals ready to go in your freezer.

7. Eliminates Waste

Having a meal plan slashes the wastage. Learn how to get emails or text messages the day before reminding you which meal to take it out of the freezer.

Keep an accurate freezer inventory list with tools on this website helping you keep track of what is left in your freezer at all times.

8. Entertaining & Fun

If your assembly days are done with a few friends, the social event laced with stories and laughter (and maybe even a bit of wine!) can make the event seem like less work and more like a social event – with productivity!

9. Accomplishment

After all the meals have been made, there is nothing better than the feeling of a well-stocked freezer and an organized way of getting meals on the table when you need them!