How Meal Swap Cooking Works

Meal Swap Cooking is a terrific meal making solution when you have a bunch of friends who share your likes in foods and of course, tastes.

This way of cooking is very similar to a Christmas cookie exchange. It’s when you have a number of friends, say five other friends, and each person cooks one meal, in a quantity of six.  

For example, you may want to cook six lasagnas.  Each friend does the same, but with a different dish (not lasagna).  Then you swap amongst your group to get a variety of six different meals. Everyone must agree to all recipes in advance.

Meal Swap Cooking Results

You put effort into making one type of meal and end up with a variety of different meals.

Is Meal Swap Cooking For You?

Meal Swap Cooking is perfect for people who:

  • may have only bits and pieces of time available
  • have a small freezer
  • have friend who are also interested in cooking meals in advance