Grocery Shopping

Shopping Day

If you’ve done your planning right, your shopping day should be a breeze. Depending on your schedule and family situation, you may want to do your shopping over two days. It may be physically too difficult to get to too many stores in one days, especially with a child or two in hand.

For example, the first shopping day you may want to go to a big warehouse store, such as Costco. They typically have the best prices for larger quantities and trays of meat.

The second day you may want to go to a smaller grocery store, where you can get all your other grocery items, including fresh produce. You certainly want to buy the freshest produce available to assemble and prepare your meals with. This way you will have the tastiest meals!

Sometimes it might be advantageous to combine the second shopping day with the Preparation and Assembly Day. This may be possible if you have less than three or four recipes to assemble and prepare. If you do this, you can also save a bit of time by simply leaving the grocery items out on the kitchen counter, as you will be using them right away to prepare the recipes.

Alternatively, if the Preparation and Assembly Day is planned to be on a different day from the Shopping Day, you may want to keep the non-refrigerated grocery items in a separate bag or bin. This will save you time unloading and loading the items repeatedly.