Are Freezer Meals For You?

Do you find yourself struggling with meal planning?  Perhaps you find it too hard to organize the time to plan and it’s not flexible enough.

You’ve thought of making some freezer meals ahead of time – cooking some dinners in advance, but the whole idea is overwhelming. Mustering up the time, energy and freezer space seems like too much of a challenge.

What if the planning and organizing part was minimized? What if you didn’t make freezer meals in their entirety, but just parts of them to give you that head start that you so desperately need? Or how about simply doubling or tripling the next meal you make and start to stock-pile your freezer?

Freezer Meals May Be The Answer You Are Looking For

Yes, freezer meals may help you more than you think!  Do you see yourself in the following list:

  • You want to eliminate the 5pm daily stress when you come home from work, the kids need attention and you simply want a more relaxing time with the family.
  • You don’t like cooking, and really don’t like coming home and trying to figure out what’s for dinner. However, you may be okay with cooking for a day in order to take care of meals for a month.
  • You are trying to make ends meet and want to save money. You don’t want to buy fast food and you don’t want to think about cooking every night.
  • You have a long commute to work and long work days make it a challenge to get meals on the table at a reasonable time.
  • You want to be more organized with meal times.
  • You have special food requirements, such as gluten intolerance.
  • You want to provide meals for extended family members that don’t live in the household.
  • You are a homeschooler who wants to have meals ready on field trip days.
  • You are budget conscientious and need help with cash flow, since you get paid only once a month.
  • You want to have meals available for family members when you aren’t there to fix a balanced meal.

Still not quite convinced why freezer meals might be the answer for you?  Here are nine good reasons why make ahead meals will make improve your quality life.