How Meal Kit Cooking Works

Meal Kit Component Cooking where you prepare or cook parts of meals, instead of whole meals, in order to save time later on. It’s similar to preparing your own “convenience” food, but you prepare healthy whole foods, instead of processed foods, full of chemicals, that you get from pre-made store foods.

For example you may mix ahead a pancake mix (from scratch) or taco seasoning which can be made for tacos and sloppy joes, shredded chicken or even homemade sauces for pasta.  You could also make ahead rice and freeze it, so when it is dinner time you simply combine and cook!

You can also take it one step further and create “dinner kits” where you prepare, season and cook meat, then portion out the other accompanying meal ingredients such as cheese or beans.  Then package each component into meal portions for your household, label and place all the assembled ingredients for a meal in one larger bag, with an overall label.  Freeze.  When dinner rolls around, simply combine each component for a quick meal!

Meal Kit Cooking Results

You will have many of the similar type of meals, usually family favourites, which are partly made and just need a quick assembly parts of meals made in advance, making meal times easier and faster.

Is Meal Kit Cooking For You?

Meal Kit Cooking is suitable for people who:

  • may have a couple of hours or bits and pieces of time available to assembly and prepare
  • have a small freezer or some pantry space available
  • are single, a couple, small or large family