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Turkey Manicotti

turkey-manicotti-freezerThis turkey manicotti a family favourite recipe in our house, that we have enjoyed for many years now.

There are several variations on how to make it.  I personally like using Olivieri fresh lasagna sheets.  It is the quickest way to get the filling in the pasta.  Unfortunately my local grocery store was out of these little gems, so I had to use oven ready canneloni tubes.  At least they were oven ready, and I could skip the step of cooking the pasta. Cooked tubes are very floppy – not the easiest to fill!



Oven Ready Cannelloni Tubes – the preferred way to go, if fresh lasagna sheets are not available.


In skillet, over medium heat, cook turkey, onions and oregano.


Remove turkey from heat, add Parmesan cheese, roasted red peppers, artichokes, pesto and black olives.


Stuff pasta tube with filling, which can then be individually frozen on a cookie sheet. turkey-manicotti-freezer


Spaghetti sauce can also be be frozen individually in silicon muffin cups.


Pop out the frozen spaghetti sauce and include them in the meal packaging.