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Meals to Make Ahead

Homemade meals on the table with ease and in a jiffy!

“Hey – what’s for dinner?” Is this a daily question that makes you cringe or want to curl up in a ball and cry? You peek in the fridge and there is nothing appetizing nor anything that actually goes together to make an appetizing dinner.

Your typical answer is a trip to the nearby grocery store or better yet, a fast food drive thru… yes, you know you should a little more organized to deal with the “5pm grizzlies”, but getting organized or planning a meal is a whole different story. You’re caught in this vicious circle and you can’t seem to get out of it. Unchaining yourself from the immediate stressful dinner time demands seems virtually impossible.

Stop the last minute grocery store runs, eat nutritious, homemade meals and eliminate unhealthy and costly fast food pickups!

But how?

Meals to Make Ahead of Time

You’ve thought it might be good to have meals to make ahead of time – you know, cook ┬ásome dinners in advance, but the whole idea is overwhelming. Mustering up the time, energy and freezer space seems like too much of a challenge. And meal planning never seems to work out. It’s too hard to organize the time to plan and it’s not flexible enough.

What if the planning and organizing part was minimized to virtually a few minutes? What if you didn’t make ahead meals in their entirety, but just parts of them to give you that head start that you so desperately need? Or how about simply doubling or tripling the next meal you make and start to stock-pile your freezer?

This website is your make ahead meal resource. You will find many time saving tips and tricks, recipes and even how-to videos to get your meal times organized and on the table with ease!